Self Tanning Serum

The Grey
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Self Tanning Serum with Anti Age propperties, reduces signs of ageing and leaves you with the healthiest face tan. Transforming your favourite moisturizer into an anti-ageing self-tanner, creating a gradual face tan and reduced lines and wrinkles.

Works with your skin tone to create a gradual face tan and glow that’s totally unique to you. With skin boosting and hydrating properties to reduce lines and wrinkles. The Tanning Serum plumps your skin with moisture and restores elasticity to fight signs of ageing.


How to Use

Combine 2-3 drops with your moisturizer for sunkissed glow, for a deeper glow apply 6-7 drops of the serum directly onto your face before applying your moisturizer. Wash hands thoroughly after application. Store in a cool place.

#: 52445
Manufacturer-#: STS30mlT
Release-Typ: Online Only
Material Identification: Aqua
Further Information: Due to health and safety restrictions