Leopard Embroidery

Delivery Time (within Germany): 2-3 days

Organic Jersey 190 - Leopard Embroidery

  • Hand-machined embroidery
  • Reflective side seam label
  • Regular fit

SS19's camouflage pattern draws inspiration from the leopard, one of nature's masters of camouflage. The pattern utilises a method known as countershading where the colouration of the body is darker on the upper and lighter on the underside that counteracts the effect of self shadowing when light falls from above. Although rarely applied for military use, maharishi seeks to detach camouflage from its military associations and promote its roots in nature and art.

Organic cotton is a maharishi staple. Essential to every season, the fabric is FairTrade, environmentally friendly, regenerative and has a lighter carbon footprint than non-organic cotton. The majority of earth-poisoning pesticides are used not for food production, but for non-organic cotton production.

#: GT000391
Manufacturer-#: 7331
Colorcode: Black
Release-Typ: Instore & Online
Gender: Men
Material Identification: 100% Cotton (Organic)
Wash Care: Machine Wash at or below 30°C, Do Not Bleach, Do Not Tumble Dry