U.P.W.W. is the acronym for Utility Pro Work Wear.

The New York. label is a subsidiary of the workwear company giant Utility Pro, known in NYC and internationally for its uniforms with high-visibility aspects, which are used by construction workers, canal workers and road maintenance companies all over the world.

U.P.W.W. takes the classic, functionally oriented clothing and takes it further, placeing it into a new context, the brand does so by adding contemporary cuts, prints and splashes inspired by the work on the streets to the world known staples of Unity Pro´s work & safety clothing.

The high durability and long-lasting quality of Utility Pro´s clothing combines with the zeitgeist of current fashion, so the bright colours and reflective panels contribute a great addition to the current look of modern streetwear.


Founded at the end of 2016 with the fusion of Utility Pro and the young artist Alessandro Simonetti from New York. U.P.W.W. quickly made a name for itself in today's fashion industry through the brave and loud look that met the open minded generation of today's youth and Avant-Garde.

Simonetti, for his part, was a photographer and had already drawn attention to himself through many of his self-published works. Through his vision, which he had with the established label Utility Pro, he was once again able to prove himself. This remains the brands maxim of always bringing contemporary artists into the house in order to continuously deliver a futuristic and forward-looking style.


Alessandro Simonetti grew up in a small town in northern Italy, near Venice - Bassano del Grappa. A city that reflects most of Italy, a restricted outlook on life, a lot of equality and a lot of uniformity.

Simonetti´s girlfriend was from New York City and therefore the designer explicitly fancied NYC and the unlimited possibilities there.

New York was soon to become his field, he trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti Venezia and quickly became the subject of conversation with his vivid style of photography.

The young Alessandro Simonetti was influenced by his life with various subcultures, so he moved among punks, hardcore & hip hop people. Although his roots lie in journalistic and documentary photography, he always had an artistic approach to his pictures.

With his first big work, a shooting / documentary about the underground fetish scene in Miami, he made it his goal to distance himself from conventional photographers and to find his own style. He succeeded in doing so because he was criticized for his good, but dark and rough style. For Simonetti, on the other hand, that was the greatest compliment that anyone could give him. He was confirmed to have found his own style.

Regarding U.P.W.W., the design of the collections is inspired exactly by these experiences of Simonetti. The 90s and the era of do-it-yourself are cornerstones of the brand's philosophy.

In collaboration with other artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, John Giorno, Scott Campbell and many others, Simonetti developed his workflow, which he now applies to his conception of fashion.


The language of U.P.W.W. always stays up to date through recurring and continuous collaboration with contemporary artists.

The high-visibility appearance is a statement on the street, which is appreciated by the industry.

The individual collections are of course distinguished by their reflective stripes, which at the same time become the label's trademark. The range extends from T-shirts to longsleeves, different styles from coats and jackets to trousers.

The improvement of the fabrics, the 3M, as well as the addition of different prints and splatter effects are part of every collection. In addition, the colour spectrum is always expanding. From the initial collections in orange and green, colourways in black and white are now also developing, giving the brand a fresh breeze.