THE GREY was founded in 2016 by professional menswear and lifestyle buyer Gregor Jaspers. He normally traveled the world to search for the finest collections available and even though he tried, he could never find a compact men's skincare range that fit his suitcase and adapt to different kind of traveling situations. From then on he started thinking about a skincare system that had the same luxurious feel and effectiveness of women's skincare products. That is the reason why behind THE GREY. The product range is well-designed, luxurious, complete and compact and meets the standards of the modern man perfectly. Jaspers worked with some of the best laboratories in Europe to develop an amazing skincare collection tailored to the special and typical needs of a man's skin.


THE GREY is marked by its fresh, clean and contemporary brand design. The products are packed with natural and rejuvenating ingredients to help detoxify your skin and leave your skin feeling refreshed and radiant. All products are developed exclusively for men and they are made to preserve, protect and nourish and give your skin a better and fresher look. The products are made for your daily routine, to hydrate and fight signs of aging. By the use of superior concentrations of active ingredients, light fluids that will not cling to facial hair and are easily absorbed by your skin, THE GREY makes men's skincare easy. With these products, men can travel without having to compromise on their skincare routine. .