Suicoke is world-famous and yet a mystery. The Japanese brand managed to get the sandal on the catwalk and on the street early on. A jump that is today taken for granted but was unimaginable a decade ago. Sandals have not long been accepted in the world of fashion, especially in the European market. The sandal was more likely to be seen on older men, on hiking trails or on the beach in summer. Not, however, on young people dressed in a modern way.

Japan was much more open to the idea a long time and inspired the western market with it. Suicoke was originally only available exclusively in Japan, however with the cooperations of many brands, the international interest grew and with it the International openness towards the unconventional sandal. Today we find suicoke in every good equipped wardrobe.


When the company was founded in 2006, the current Suicoke was still beyond our imagination. The Japanese brand did not deal with shoes or in particular sandals from the beginning but was rather known for smaller editions of accessories and dolls which were decorated by hand.

The name Suicoke is a simple composition of a word without any crucial significance, the founders liked the sound of the word and therefore chose Suicoke as their brand´s name.

By working together with other brands, the brand quickly became a driving force for open minded footwear consumers, who were shown a good alternative to classic shoes or running sneakers by Suicoke.

Today Suicoke stands for high quality, bold and self-confident design and authenticity, not least because the Italian sole manufacturer Vibram cooperates with Suicoke and designed a unique footbed for them. This - and the wide range of colours, which are always chosen harmoniously, combined with the rich variety of silhouettes - are the reasons for Suicoke's timeless success.


Little is known about Suicoke´s designers.From which pen the creations originate is unknown. However what is known, is that a creative team of several Japanese designers are working on Suicoke. The brand wants the customer to focus purely on the product and not sympathize with a designer. The products should stand for themselves and therefore be untouchable.



Probably the most famous model among all Suicoke sandals. Characterized by the hook strap, which also fixes the instep of the foot, the KISEE V is a good all-rounder that offers firm support.


Two adjustable straps over an oversized lining, which gives the foot a comfortable hold, this is the MOTO CAB. One of Suicoke's most popular silhouettes that is easy to handle due to its uncomplicated inlet.


The DEPA V2 is also a model that can be fixed by a hook strap, therefore it can be used like the KISEE V as an all-rounder.


Here is one of the more unusual Suicoke, with the large side panel and the double strap on the heel. The upper side of the shoe is fastened by two straps with clip fastening. The toes are protected by an outer edge, which is also a unique identifying feature of the BOAK V.