Salomon was born in 1947 in Annecy, the heart of the French Alps and the birthplace of modern alpinism. Innovative design and the passion for mountain sports helped nesting a wide range of revolutionary new concepts in bindings, boots, skis, and apparel to bring innovative solutions. Through performance-driven design, Salomon delivers innovation and progression to mountain sports; converting new ideas into action and expanding the limits of possibility. The main concept of the brand is to get the world's leading mountain people to create the world's leading mountain products. In 2014 you could find Salomon shoes in a famous Parisian boutique- the start of Salomon in the high fashion segment. Salomon first thinks about function and materials because they want to produce a practical and functional shoe – combining it with a strong visual and aesthetic aspect in a second moment. Currently they realized the need for their products in the fashion market and are working on collaborations with designers all over the world.


Salomon was founded by Francois Salomon in a small village in the French alps. In a little garage, he and his wife started to build skis and binds. In terms of binds, they brought a revolutionary product on the market and later sold millions of those. After a crisis in 1990, Salomon was bought by Adidas in 1997. But even Adidas could not bring the success they wanted in the winter sports market, so Adidas sold Salomon to a finnish company. In 2001 the company introduced the Raid Face shoe. It was the first one from the XA series. It wasn't meant to have a fashion's adaption but with its chunky silhouette, bulky midsole and yellow accents it looks like many of today's worn shoes in high-fashion. It also laid the foundation for shoes like the XA-Pro 3D GTX which was featured in Palace's SS17 lookbook. After collaborating with the famous Parisian boutique 'The Broken Arm' the fashion market saw the potential in Salomon sneakers. After more collaborations and celebrities wearing the ultimate dad sneaker all over the world, the company found its way into the heart of fashion lovers.



At Paris Fashion Week Salomon previewed their key pieces from its Spring/Summer 20 collection. SS20 is all about functionality, bold colourways, and eye-catching patterns. All done on their most popular performance models. Bulky silhouettes and a clearly visible branding are there to complete the ultimate dad shoe.


XA PRO 3D One of the most iconic silhouettes. The XA PRO 3D. The foundation for this model was laid previously, and today this trail shoe is a favorite for athletes as well as fashion lovers. With many colourway variations and always new combinations it never gets boring with this practical and functional shoe.

SPEEDCROSS Ultralight and exciting. This silhouette has been a top seller in trail running shoes for a decade. Its comfort and look give the customer all the benefits of this model. Strong and visible profile, bold colourways and the iconic strap on top make the Speedcross model one of the favorites.

S/LAB Fun and progress: that's what the S/Lab silhouette is about. The Annecy Design center made this shoe to give its customer exactly those two feelings. One could not exist without without the other. A bulky midsole and straps all over the shoe to give comfort and aesthetics at the same time.