Polite and Piquant. These are the two fundamental values of Poliquant. With a sense of persistence and rebellion born in the Japanese Edo period. Poliquant by Jun Sugita uses Japanese materials and traditional craftsmanship to create new collections. The brand is based in Tokyo where street, fashion and functional garments come together to create something new.


Growing up, Junichi was surrounded by -iki- people. 'A reason for being' and the Japanese understanding of beauty perseverance is what the iki concept is about. The upcoming and all-time evolving street culture made an impact on Japanese culture and traditions. However, this merge created new vibes that were found throughout the entire city and formed a hybrid. Exactly like Poliquant, which is also a hybrid, but in fashion. Melting together future, fast-living elements of technical & functional streetwear with the long-reaching roots of Japanese craftsmanship.


Founded early 2016, designer Junichi Sugita wanted to create clothing which is high in comfort and all-day functionality. To achieve this, he used the abilities he earned studying abroad in Milan at Instituto Marangoni, to influence his imagination of modern fashion. Junichi was part of the subcultures long before he moved to Italy for his fashion studies. After five years abroad Sugita came back to Tokyo to work for a luxury brand as head of design. After ten years of experience, he decided to launch his brand. Poliquant was born and fused his creation of fashion and cultural traditions.


The backbone of every new collection is the research of new fabrics and garments. Before heading into the design process, 3 to 4 garments are chosen or even recreated for the collection which results in a uniform and one of a kind look throughout the coming season. Once the fabrics have been found, the entire collection is built around them. They are a key part of the message and thus strictly adhere to old Japanese traditions. Besides, Junichi gives equal attention to each part of the final product, which means appreciation for dyeing, the seams and the fabric itself, to fit the uniqueness and functionality of the brand. Quality is most important for the team, which creates apparel in old traditions but with a modern twist. Besides the influences from the city and its surroundings, journeys and traveling are constant inspirations that are reflected within the design process and affect the entire collection and the final product. Within the past couple of years, the brands appearance has developed into a rather technical direction, without changing the brands original philosophy. The design became more balanced and defined. With their latest collections, Poliquant made some essential additions such as, packable jackets, zip fastening details, and tools that facilitate one's daily needs.

Spring / Summer 20 “YOU M.E.S.S. ME''

The SS20 collection is inspired by Ray Charles‘ hit classic “Mess Around,” which offers up a series of meticulously deconstructed layering pieces that come with a bevy of adjustable compartments. The key pieces are tactical vests, oversized nylon jackets, reconstructed T-shirts as well as earth-toned ensembles. Again functionality is one of the main parts of this collection. For example, a trenchcoat that can be folded into a fully functional backpack. Combined with taped seams and water-resistant lining the coat is as functional as fashionable. Vests that can be used as waist bags and coats that turn into backpacks. Functionality becomes fashionable. They are heading into the most elegant way of design, giving the customer a unique experience, with unique garments and a good feeling.

Fall / Winter 19 “Awkwardness''

The collection is inspired by Slavoj Zizek and his philosophy on “The Real” which is an external aspect of lived experience and the absolute truth. The colours come from a more earthy palette that runs through the whole collection. Accessories in neon colours are added. One of the key pieces is a tactical vest that can convert into a pillow. The functionality goes on with coats that convert into messenger bags and jackets that become pillows.

Spring / Summer 19 “Public Pressure''

The SS19 collection draws inspiration from rich tones Japanese Electro band Yellow Magic Orchestra and their 1979 song “Rydeen” molding the reference into its ideology of form and function. The collection includes a full print Red Koi Wind Reflect Bonding Coat constructed of textiles from Kyoto and a set of up-cycled over-dyed basketball jerseys. Also, a printed camo techno blocking combo. The key colors of this collection are red, blue and green.