Ovadia & Sons is a brand created by the two brothers Shimon & Ariel Ovadia from New York. The brands concept includes the vision and interpretation of fashion from the brothers point of view, who have both been in the business for a long time. Through their project, the two embody a homage to their father who introduced them to their passion within their early years of childhood.

Ovadia & Songs mixes different extremes and combines them in an attractive mix of design, high fashion & streetwear. The style of the clothes reflects all the influences that clatter on the two young brothers. New York is an extensive melting pot, which the two are surrounded by every day. New Yorks art, music and creative minds are all represented within their designs.


The brand Ovadia & Sons was established in 2011. However the history of the two brothers dates back even further into the past. During the early 80s the two moved from Israel to New York with their father Moshe Ovadia, who was a former professional Football player and then created a children’s clothing brand named Magic Kids.

Shimon & Ariel entered a completely new & different world at a young age. Born and raised in Jerusalem, they now come to a multicultural metropolis, in the 1980s, a colourful and flashy, but also inspiring time. With the mix of different social classes, cultures, music from hip hop to rock, graffiti and street art, they develop in an constantly dynamic environment.

At the relatively young age of 15, the twins left school in order to help their father in business, which was booming and constantly growing. In the beginning, the two mostly helped in the warehouse, however they soon found pleasure in taking their first creative steps and therefore became active in design. Since then it has been steadily progressing and the growth of the family constantly expands, whether it be the fathers business in the past or Ovadia today.

Ovadia & Sons is frequently represented within the scene, especially in the United States where several artists and celebrities support Ovadia & Sons. Giants like Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Hart, Gucci Mane or 21 savage can often be seen wearing the New York brand, which further consolidates the status of the brand and also contributed to its success today.

The breakthrough for Ovadia & Sons is based on many successful happenings, already in the earlier years the twins could distinguish themselves with their sold goods at Bloomingsdale´s and Barneys. GQ Magazine named the still relatively new label in 2012 as one of the best designer labels for men in America. Their online appearance was so strong that big names from the emerging blogger scene became aware and so the later Complex Magazine editor-in-chief Laurence Schlossman reported about the two brothers with a wink.

Ovadia & Sons received further attention during their first fashion shows. Larger magazines became aware of the brand, especially after Fashion Fund. However in the end this is not the key to Ovadia´s success, but it was their never ending struggle and humbleness which brought them the success they were able to maintain until today.

Now Ovadia & Sons has established as one of Americas top designer which reaches in every direction like musicians, artists & celebrities.


The two brothers are often inspired by things from the past, but these are no old books or films or even designers, they are old photographs, pictures of their grandfather in his military time, old friends and girlfriends of him, these are moments with the right feeling, something heritage. That is what moves Shimon and Ariel to go to the drawing table.

Both had no training in design or tailoring, all they did was learning by doing. Though their father Moshe and his successful brand Magic Kids the two were able to learn about the business side of the clothing industry. Their interest in fashion was part of their cradle with a considerable part of their father's influence. They wanted to make him proud. Since their father's brand was a business for the whole family, Shimon and Ariel came into contact with fabrics and cuts as children. They used to think of it as a game and so they always went to all the warehouses and looked at and touched the fabrics there. The passion went on and on, big shopping tours were on the agenda. And the quite different brothers even had a common wardrobe for a certain time. With time, courage and especially the possibility to finally express their style through their own pen, Ovadia & Sons was born.


Spring / Summer 19

For summer 2019 Ovadia & Sons moves into a funky and colorful area, graphic prints with beer bottles as well as all over leo patterns are not uncommon. The puppetlike presentation of the collection was as bold as a part of the clothes which split into 2 extremes. On the one hand we find new fresh and daring designs with rock n roll and pop culture elements. On the other hand, Ovadia Classics come with a casual to military look, tailored suits and a luxury touch. The mixture works very well and serves both old and new clients of Ovadia & Sons.

Fall / Winter 18

80s and 90s punk rock and a hint of country music, that's what you could call the final collection for 2018. Tartarn patterns in classic red make some of the looks of the collection appear like a punk uniform. A very wild look to the collection that completely convinces throughout.

Albums like „London Calling“ became iconic vinyls and tapes for the design twins from NYC, back then until today they are the inspiration for one of the probably strongest Ovadia and Sons collections.

Spring / Summer 18

A short journey back to the end of the glory 90s is probably the best description for this collection. The Ovadia twins came to NYC with their father in the 80s, during their youth they were in the middle of the colourful and flashy 90s. The collection pays homage to their childhood memories and the formative influences that still characterize them today.

From pop culture to street art and motor sports, they have taken the best of the past and put it all in one pot.

Fall / Winter 17

In a world between football star and military service, Shimon & Ariel Ovadia grow up in Israel with their father and role model Moshe. This collection is a retrospection of their childhood before they came to New York.

Sporty finesse is paired with military low key aesthetics and therefore achieves a timeless sense of style that can be adapted to any type of outfit.