“Unique anatomic tailoring to explore how clothing interacts with human motion.”

Nilmance stands for NIL performance.

Nilmance´s philosophy is all about mankind and how our body effects the way we move. He questions what it is to be human and how that is significant to the needs of clothing. Garments and fabrics are made to impact the human body in the best and most comfortable way. Supporting the one who wears, by shaping his body into structures, making the cut feel right and not distracting.

Day-to-day wardrobe interacts now perfect with technology & technology underlines the needs of a ready to wear piece.


With their relatively new appearance in the fashion world they introduced themselves in 2015. A time where technical inspired clothing wasn´t in everybody´s mind. Heading back from London, designer Mike Yeung decided to create a new brand, infusing everything he learned in the past years to combine it all in a new way of constructing garments to the needs of its user.

The goal was always to base the design on requirement of function, what is needed and what not. While the industrial impression of technical wear focused on function by creating and reinventing something new, Nilmance was aiming to get their pieces into ones everyday wardrobe by adding function and technical aspects that are useful and support the physical process of motion.

Taking subtle attention to the cut itself, which shapes the body into a certain form, however paying immense attention to the details that result in a sleep aesthetic with a lot of understatement. You’ll find yourself lost in the design of each piece when observing them.


Mike Yeung, graduated from the University of Arts in London with a focus on women’s wear and returned to Hong Kong after completing his studies and first works. With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing functionally design garments for brands scubas , Beams and Acne Studios, he came to the conclusion of creating the brand Nil-performance.

The team around Nilmance consists of 4 people who are involved in fabric research, design and also videography. Another 40 skilled workers from China join the production process. The guys at Nilmance can control the quality through relatively close contact with the product development process, which is very important to them.


Fall / Winter 18

Constrasting the familiar aesthetics , Nilmance chose a different direction and focuses on a wide look within this collection. Comfort and quick handling are the collections main focus and therefore all pieces can be put on rapidly. High quality zippers or buckle systems support this.

Key pieces are the wide leg pants with water-repellent fabric & kind of oversized jacket silhouettes.

Spring / Summer 18

Military appearance meets smart cuts in a collection executed to perfection.

Olive is the main color theme and runs through almost all pieces. Ultra light, packable windbreakers in pull-over design, as well as tactical cargo pants can be observed in this season.

Fall / Winter 17

The sleek aesthetics of Nilmance remain the same as always. Function and form are once again in perfect harmony to provide a charming significance to the entire collection.

The main focus is on the fully functioning fabrics which are water and wind repellent, but also breathable and light. Additionally an antibacterial shirt finds its appearance within the collection.

In theory, the Nilmance collection is designed to cope in an environment where it snows, rains, storms and can be sunny at the same time.