The most characteristic thing for Maria Black is not compromising and pushing boundaries. She doesn't play by the rules but follows her gut feeling and is always driven by the impossible. The Danish designer always tests and develops new techniques and tries to push everything to a certain limit. The more impossible it seems, the more interesting it gets. The brand stands for intelligent jewelry that is sold in high-end stores all over the world. Innovating the perception of body adornment with effortlessly chic, androgynous forms and expressions, she is making jewelry playful and customizable. Her products are made and encouraged to be mixed and matched. Strong silhouettes, simple design and a strong connection to the simplicity in Japanese art and culture, that's what Maria Black stands for.


The brand was founded 2010 and is growing since then. Black founded the label „by accident“ as she realized nobody did what she was doing and people were loving her style of jewelry. Nowadays celebrities from all over the world wear her earrings, necklaces and rings. 2013, the first Maria Black jewelry flagship store was opened in Copenhagen.


The half Irish half Danish Designer founded her jewelry brand at the age of 32. Black started working in a jewelry shop in Ibiza in her early 20's and ended up training as a goldsmith two years later. After finishing her degree she realized that nearly nobody was doing fashion-forward designs in silver with the kind of edge she was doing. There was grungy jewelry, and there was fine jewelry. Black wanted to bridge the gap. So she started her business and had the whole playing field for herself. From 2010-2015 she lived in London and still gets a lot of inspiration from her second home. Today she works in her Copenhagen-based studio and is loving the atmosphere of the danish capital. A lot of her inspiration is drawn from artists like David Bowie, FKA Twigs, Sade and the things that surround her in her everyday life. She combines old traditions with new technologies to create something that has been never seen before.


FW19 'A Pause'

The Fall/Winter collection isn't as simple and graphic as the past ones. With pearls and hangers, Maria Black creates another vibe than she did before. Playful shapes and exciting mixes of materials and engravings make this collection different. She uses crosses and weirdly shaped faces as hangers. Still, she keeps her clean look and stays true to her fluent designs.

SS19 'A Pause'

The classic and clean hoops are the foundation for this year's spring/summer collection. Hangers for the necklaces and earrings in different gold and silver are a big part of the capsule. Filigree rings in the shape of snakes fulfill the look.

FW18 'Heroes'

The Fall/Winter 18 collection is full of clean hoops in gold and silver. The key-pieces of this capsule are statement rings for both sexes. This collection features filigree necklaces with hangers in silver and gold and engravings and also chained earrings. The whole collection lives from it's clean and graphic look which isn't made for a particular gender.

SS18 'Heroes''

With her Spring/Summer 18 collection Maria Black, celebrates and cherishes the heritage she shares with the 99% of us and all the middle-class heroes she was surrounded by back then and still have in her life today. Growing up in an urban environment with concrete playgrounds and high rise buildings, the most glamorous thing she could think of was her grandmother’s 1950s dresses and her jewelry box. The collection is characterized by minimalistic and graphic rings. Pushing gender boundaries and making the jewelry wearable for anyone. Hoops, ear cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets complete the collection.