Mazzone perfume is more than just an accessory. He wants to create a connection between fashion and perfumes. A fragrance plays with materials and makes everything more special he says. He wanted to give his passion for fine materials and patterns and expression through scents.


Laurent Mazzone was born in the southern French Alps. A setting where he could perfectly evolve and finely tune his young senses to build a strong, natural pallet foundation suited for the mystical world of fragrances. When he was a little child he analyzed perfume samples and since that day it has always been his passion to create and discover new fragrances. Already at the tender age of 12, the family home was turned into a chemical laboratory where he would intuitively mix and blend, chisel and sculpt local fragrances to experience new sensations. He would find the ingredients in the garden, local shops and raiding the bathroom cabinet. His passion was discovered there and then. Locally and later globally he grew into the role of 'Discoverer of fragrances'. Mazzone became a popular DJ in St. Tropez and then also opened his eyes to haute couture. Soon he steered his passion into his very first commercial venture by creating and opening a fashion store. His taste and ability to pick the right team proved to be a recipe for success.