Last Heirs is a globally active collective of many creative people. A team from the most diverse directions. For example, Last Heirs brings together people from the music and fashion industries, but also models & PR experienced minds. The Berlin label is managed by the couple Lea Roth & Maximilian Dörner. Both together have a circle of about 10 people around them, who take care of all areas around the label. In this way, a direction is created according to a basic theme that is defined, and everyone contributes their best to maintain this direction and achieve the goal.

Significant for the young brand are its use of various and unusual materials, the abstraction of the ordinary and the conceptualization of its external appearance.


Last Heirs is a relatively young label and joined forces in 2017 to present their Spring / Summer 18 debut collection.

The collective did not come out of nowhere. Lea & Maximilian are partners in business and private life. Furthermore everyone working on the Last Heirs has known each other for quite some time.

Lea & Maximilian, the two heads, have over 10 years of experience in the industry by their own. They have worked with giants such as LVMH and the Japanese label Comme des Garcons. Together with their team they have previously planned and implemented numerous projects. They have always seen each other at various fashion shows all over the world and the connection has continued to expand.

For many fashionable people within the industry it had been clear for a long that something would happen sooner or later. Once the brand was finally announced, there was an immediate hype in the scene, however without a big online presence, there was still a lot of turmoil.

Last Heirs is more of an insider's tip for the connoisseur than a propagated project without substance.


The design process at Last Heirs is something more special than that of conventional labels. In the modern age of the Internet, spatial boundaries are no longer important.

The designs also reflect the majority the collective´s member in style. The collections aesthetics is therefore very often a mixture of those different styles. A balanced compilation of different views, just like the label itself.

Last Heirs is inspired by its surrounding, the different cities around the globe and berlin, the hometown of the two heads are key factors behind the brand. The club culture, fetish scene and the working class all flow together into one big melting pot of all styles. Subcultures unite and create a unique look, Last Heirs look.


Spring / Summer 19

"Strength in Numbers" is the name of Maximilian Dörner & Lea Roth's collection and once again sheds light on the Berlin underground and fetish scene. Typical feminine cuts, which are also dominant in the Berlin Techno & Party scene can be found throughout the season.

The presentation was simple but extraordinary. A room full of stacked packages, packages containing new goods from Last Heirs. The models were of course dressed in the respective looks and unpacked the goods.

Patent leather, PVC and transparency, as well as Burgundy Red were the present optical highlights, which were paired with big and bulky shoe silhouettes like Doc Martens.

Fall / Winter 18

The colour lilac is clearly in the foreground of this season at Last Heirs yet pastel purple n tones and strong black are also used here.

The familiar look of glossy fabrics such as patent leather and PVC has been reused, further extending the line of the debut collection with another nuance.

Truly iconic pieces in the collection are the wide leg patent leather trousers as well as the pastel lilac bomber jacket with some optic & backprint.

Spring / Summer 18

"Work in Progress" was the title of Last Heirs debut collection. The inspiration was a quotation from the French philosopher Michael Foucault. "I´m not a prophet. My job is making windows where there were once walls."

They implemented this idea throughout the entire collection in keeping with the times. So everything has a futuristic look, a bit of technology and a bit of art.

Indigo and orange were the main colours of this season. Again, ultra wide cuts are combined with tight fitting tops.Orange sets strong accents and is implemented in workwear.