ICEBERG stands for bold and colorful designs, matching pop-art prints and knitwear, with highly recognizable looks and designs. They are serving sporty vibes mixed with luxury aesthetics and high-quality materials. Made in Italy and still run by the owners’ family Silvano Gerani and Giuliana Marchini - they are a leading brand in knitted sportswear. The collections are full of color and always staying true to their values makes them special, with their unusual mix of sport, punk and pop culture icons.


Giuliana Marchini is the woman behind the idea of Iceberg. She had a sense for business and an indomitable ability to fulfill her own dreams. Her dreams were born on a knitting machine and kept alive in the Gilmar fash-ion company she created with her husband Silvano Gerani. After Marchini heard about the french fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac she became a big fan of his sketches and invited him to work with her. A collection of pullovers designed by him laid the early basis for Iceberg Already in 1978 Castelbajac created knitwear with big pop art designs of famous comic characters like Felix the Cat, Snoopy and Bugs Bunny. That’s when the iconic silhouettes and designs of Iceberg were born. Iceberg was founded in Italy and debuted on the market in 1974. They were first known for their knitwear and comic prints. They first showed up when sportswear had its biggest show up in the fashion industry. The brand didn’t just want to make simple sportswear, they wanted to make knit sportswear which did not exist until then. The owners of ICEBERG are avid collectors of American Pop Art, so they wanted to reflect that kind of art and their fashion-forward vision to their brand. Iceberg wanted to create an extension strategy over the years and now their products range consists of eve-rything from watches to shoes, childrenswear to homewear, menswear to womenswear and more… Iceberg is still 100 percent controlled by the founding family and was originally ideated to meet changing con-sumer tastes and developing needs in the aftermath. According to that, Iceberg evolved to a highly autono-mous quick-response company which is still representing its original values.


In the early days the young French designer Castelbajac took over the designs and brought his Parisian flair to the brand. Later on Iceberg hired designers like Marc Jacobs to advise. From 2000 Paolo Gerani, son of the founders, became Icebergs creative director. After that Iceberg worked with a lot of different designers to stay creative and diversified. They also supported a lot of aspiring young designers, like…. In 2015 the British designer James Long became head designer of menswear. After his predecessor Arthur Arbesser left, Long also became head designer of the womenswear department. .


Spring / Summer 20”

The SS20 collection is also staying true to Icebergs colorful values. With bright colors and pop art created a vibrant and exciting overall aesthetic. The Spring/Summer styles are a pure mashup of styles, colors, cuts all put together to create a cohesive and captivating collection. Iceberg also started to work with a prominent British pop-artist called Peter Blake. The womenswear looks consist of slim fit multicolored trousers adorning Blakes graphics and a sweater which is as exciting as complicated. That design is filtered through the modern view of the Iceberg design team. The aesthetics is contemporary, fierce and female. Every piece of the collection looks new and exciting. Also, Iceberg sticks to their love for Mickey Mouse and brings new looks with big artsy knitted characters. Chunky shoe silhouettes matching the bold creations. Nothing looks like you’ve seen it before. With street vibes mixed with luxury details Iceberg is serving what they stand for.

Fall / Winter 19”

The FW19 collection was full of details under all the color. There is a strong undertow of soccer references such as manager jackets and soccer shirts which came along with accessories like bucket hats. The collection included bomber sleeves, duffle hoods or crossover slalom stripes on leg and sleeve. Sweaters with unfinished Mickey Mouse sketches referred to the Iceberg history. Strong colors combined with sporty pieces represent the Iceberg aesthetics. Knitwear is also one of the main events of the FW19 collection, featuring confidently executed shearlings and leathers which are interwoven with climbing ropes. Velour tracksuits in berry tones and contrast pleated kilts fulfill the collection for 2019.

Spring / Summer 19”

The SS19 collection was characterized by sporty zippered jumpsuits or tracksuits in endless variations. But the brand didn’t want to lose its original values so the zippers often revealed knitted glossy-color sweaters with slashed Iceberg logos. Not only slashed but also reworked in a riot of reassembled fonts and graphics. The womenswear was driven by fierce attitudes and sexy pleated skirts with logged panels or leather race suits embroidered with sparkling details.