HETA basically means the letter “H” in Greek language. Here, we pronounce the H silent. By this implementation, the brand obtains a new character to the original meaning. The existence and the form of silence has the same effect as the aim of Heta. Understatement is achieved. And what seems to be an every day wardrobe for the superficial eye becomes much bigger on closer inspection. An eye for the detail reveals the full extent of creativity. What at first does not seem well thought out suddenly becomes huge and the whole dimension of execution can no longer be estimated.

The one wearing the clothes, takes a clear positions, as he places himself on an intermediate level, where he leaves the decision of the valuation to the viewer himself.-

Heta is Avantgarde fashion with an edge of high end casual interpretation. Avantgarde, here, is to be regarded from two points of view. One – Avantgarde as the garment, as the head of fashionable clothing which is worn by developers and creators. And two – Avantgarde as the subculture. People who are living for their creations. People fighting for their opinions. Pioneers who follow a path where it is uncertain to reach their goal. People who defy any risk to fulfill their dream.


Heta, from South Korea has only been on the screen since the end of 2016, however the brand was able to gain strong approval in her hometown Seoul, very quickly. During Seoul Fashion Week, the looks impressed from the start and now the young brand is well on its way to taking a step across continental borders. Arrived in Germany, Heta continues to convince.


Hoyoung Chi graduated from Samsung Art & Design Institute back in 2016. After his time studying he dived right into Seoul´s streetwear oriented fashion scene. One of the key elements of Heta are the size free garment, which allow the pieces to stand out individually, giving the wearer the ability to have a unique look as the style adapts to ones shape, height and body. By determining the size of the clothing, they open a much larger space for interpretation. Contrary to the normal way of thinking, this expands the spectrum - it is not limiting. Heta´s design draws inspiration from youth and subculture. Binding together aspects of couture & street attitude resulting in a modern appearance.


Fall / Winter 18 “Secret Sportism”

Active cultural exchange took place between the east and west during 19th century.

A secretive fantasy of the eastern culture seen by the western view and a mixed existence of the cultural stream between the east and west is reinterpreted into a modern sporty mood.

Spring / Summer 18 “Complex Vestige”

Remains of the early 90s are picked up and reshaped. The resulting dynamics are supported by the courage to define contrasts not only by colour, but also by cut and material.

The touch of contemporary youth flows in and ends in a new image - complex vestige.

Fall / Winter 17 “Incomplete Masterpiece

Garments are beautiful at every stage – with this base Heta created a line of pieces looking incomplete. The final form of the conventional garment is not striven and every step in the way of creation & production deserves to be shown.

Beeing complete is to be defined. Definition is human made, so everything that we thought is complete – might not be.

Merging all these aspects with the topic of todays youth ends up in a new interpretation of beauty. Details, such as cuts which make the piece appear as if it was in the fitting stage, add more body to the statement.