Haeckels was founded in 2012 by the British volunteer beach warden Dom Bridges. He has always been a coastal enthusiast and wanted to create a simple and handcrafted range of products that showcased the natural ingredients of the surrounding coasts. In his family house kitchen, he started to experiment with seaweed he collected on the Margate coast before and soon after that his wife wanted to get a proper lab to turn his passion into a business. In 2013 he then opened his first Lab on Cliff Terrace, where he developed more product formulas to complete the range. Not only is Dom doing sustainable and environmental friendly skincare, but he is also taking care of his home and the environment as he organizes beach cleanings and takes part in marine conservation surveys. Haeckels' priority will always be crafting first in the hope, that the customer will be informed and educated about the natural wealth of the Margate coastline near Kent, UK.


Honesty is what drives Haeckels forward, as the company is transparent about the whole journey that allows everyone to connect with them.The skincare company is self-financed and sticks to a team where each member play multiple roles: everything, from photographing, designing, formulating until the actual crafting of the products is made within the team. Haeckels' goal is to enthuse people about the health-giving properties of the sea, to raise awareness about natural products and their effectiveness when compared to chemical, environmentally damaging counterparts