Facetasm from Tokyo is label of forward-looking designer Hiromichi Ochiai, known for its diversity and multifaceted nature, which is also the reason for the brand's name. Facetasm comes from facet. Each collection is an act of art and can be viewed from different angles. If you illuminate individual pieces, you still notice the limitless amount of creativity.

A brand that loves to cross borders and to surpass itself in every new season. Masterly tailoring and avant-garde fashion remain the indispensable foundation of the Japanese brand, but apart from this demand on fashion there are almost no rules. Constant change and further development in form, fabric, technology and design are decisive for this fast-living label, which is considered one of the most promising Japanese brands of modern times.


Facetasm was founded in 2007. After graduating from the famous Japanese Bunka College the designer and head of brand, Hiroshima Ochiai, gained experience by working with a wide range of fashion leaders such as Undercover and Comme des Garcons. He also worked in the textile industry and finally decided to design his own unisex fashion in 2007.

With a large fan base in the industry and the High Fashion Youth, Facetasm is still a brand that takes place under the radar. The designers wish is to have an international reputation and start runway shows in Europe and America.

In 2016 , Facetasm was able to attend the catwalk in Milan, with the selection of Giorgio Armani. The brand had already opened and closed Tokyo Fashion week in the past, attracting the attention of the masses. As the first Japanese label the company had been nominated as finalist for the LVMH Prize in 2016.

Furthermore, Facetasm is now represented overseas and interpreted as a luxury fashion brand by many. However, this is not clearly the case, as fashion from Japan costs 2.5 times as much due to customs clearance and currency changes in Europe and America. Sizing also causes problems because people in Asia are usually smaller in natural. Topics which an international successful label just as Facetasm has to deal with.

A remaining topic that Ochiai does not want to neglect is Street attitude. Besides the claim of sophisticated fashion, he always wants to keep his credibility and be worn on the street by his customers.


Already as a teenager Hiromichi Ochiai came to the conclusion to become a designer. As a graduate of the design class at Bunka College in Japan, the young man from Tokyo wanted to start immediately in the fashion industry, however without any notable awards, this path was rather difficult for him. As a result he had to settle down in the textile industry at Guildwork and NGAP for the beginning. But even there he was able to gain important lessons and experiences for his later career. His love for various materials was founded there. This is one reason why Ochiai now plays with a wide variety of fabrics to create his iconic and striking look.

A special feature of his design is the technology of Trope L´oeil Layering - often used in fashion as an optical illusion and now has become a trademark of Hiromichi Ochiai´s work.

For Ochiai, the current path of a Japanese designer is very difficult, considering that you have to prove yourself as an artist, especially after Yohji Yamamoto and others were able to show off with such great conviction. Nevertheless, this motivates the designer to work even harder and grow beyond himself and allows him to bring Japan back into the fashion scene with the conclusion that Japan stands for innovation and high- end fashion.


Fall / Winter 19

This collection contained many different styles within single garments. There were jeans pockets on the front, pants fastened with a belt wrapped around the shoulder, lion, owl and galaxy prints, puffy purple gilets, cricket jumpers knitted into pants, sports jerseys and lots of tulles. The designer wants to get into our imaginations to find more freedom in fashion.

Spring / Summer 19

Combining elements is the big topic of this season, Facetasm takes the path of combining different fabrics and elements to a colourful mixed look, which can and should look a little messy.

Collision of different styles, Hiromichi Ochiai's usual layering and the different fabrics make up the collection.

What is dominant in this collection could not be determined, since the entire range of fabrics and patterns is covered.

Fall / Winter 18

Human emotion, or rather that there is no place for it in today's society, is the theme of Facetasm's winter collection. Hidden emotion is a habit imposed on us in these days & Facetasm tries to break this.

It's about reviving the infinity of emotions in people, the childlike, unconditional happiness we´re all waiting for so long. This is achieved by the designer through a bold play with fabric and colours, which radiate a touch of nostalgia. Denim-heavy pieces mix with colourful looks and provide the familiar facet richness of Facetasm.

Spring / Summer 18

Harmonious dissonance is the theme of this collection. Typically Facetasm merges again the most different elements into a big whole in an artistic way.

Even the models were all different ages at the runway show this time and didn't follow a special schema.

Highlights among the pieces were a pink polka dot bathrobe, suits completely made of velvet & many voluminous and ornate tops.

Fall / Winter 17

The diversity of the individual is the issue this time. Online presence and real-life behavior are different and present in everyone. This becomes the dogma of modern society. In metropolises like Tokyo, masking does not only occur on the Internet, but everywhere. One becomes someone else on the street, at work, in sport and maybe some are not even themselves at home because they can’t.

The collection is characterized by heavy and bulky tops, almost imitating protection, match8ing the theme, since masking serves as a protective mechanism.