DUST was founded in 2010 and is a biannual magazine based between Berlin and London and distributed worldwide. The original intent of the DUST project is to explore the universe of youth, in the context of a present time marked by a continuous state of crisis.


They are crossing conflicted territories, where structures collapse and the western codes of appearances dissolve into different kinds of choices and dynamics. DUST magazine wants to underline a new way of rediscovering a different attachment to life: more vital, genuine and awake, something that is hard to find.


The idea is to redesign forms, values, and strategies for the young generation to embrace a different way of conceiving life. They intend to create within the limits of any cultural product present in the fashion market. The Dust team considers the magazine a laboratory of ideas and concepts through which they search for a new aesthetic and give the image a new value - their interests span go beyond the idea of coolness, trends, waves or anything established by pop culture.