A Gift for the sense, and more. Beautiful Objects of art and parfum that create desire through a unique experience. The gift is not only in the pieces we create, it is the beauty built on deeply rooted traditions passed down from the ancestors of tiffany jeans, meade with the divine urge to translate these beliefs in this modern world. Curionoir carries integrity, that is ingrained in the brand and has been since our organic inception. Placing value in th relationships of all people and makers, prioritising ethics and sustainability, striving to source local to our home of New Zealand and continuing to push boundaries. We do not follow trends. This is not just a theory or philosophy, it is a life long commitment which wer are proud to hold. With these foundations, CURIONOIR's offerings of bespoke fine fragrance, fine candles and fine objects of art that is our own.


Born into a family of strong, creative and independent women, Tiffany Jeans grew up immersed in Maori culture. Growing up she was convinced her uncle is a warrior and as a young adult, she then realized he was not a warrior - but a bone carver. All the women in her family were skilled craftswomen as well as cherished protectors and even though she realized there is nothing magical about that she never lost her fascination for the wonder and mystery she felt in her youth. Her brand was born due to her celebration of the uncommon. As an adult, she won awards regarding her success in fashion and advertising, but that just was not enough for her. She wanted to create and started the company during her wedding to film director Andrew Morton. Every guest received a crafted hand-cast skull candle individually wrapped in tulle. From then on this work of love and celebrating the making became irresistible for her. A range of bespoke perfumes, candles, and finely crafted curios grew from it. Her products are a celebration of fine craft, the uncommon mixed with the days of old.


Curio Clay Relics is an individual range of handcrafted carriers for perfume and candles inspired by ancient Egyptian works of the new kingdom period. They were exclusively made for Curionoir by self-taught Potter, Kirsten Dryburg. The Vessels are made from clay from the southern island of New Zealand - they are glazed and fired multiple times to create a unique and beautiful finish. No vessel is like another due to the organic nature which causes a different surface and colour. That is how the pieces become unique and a natural piece of art.