Casablanca is a sportswear-inspired menswear brand. It is a luxury label focused on minimalist but high-quality pieces rotating around two central concepts: comfort and elegance. The label was born in 2018 and founded by Charaf Tajer, whose Moroccan roots are clearly visible in his designs. His clothing is made of fine materials such as silk, terry cloth, and cashmere. The palette of Casablanca evokes the sunbaked terracotta in North Africa, mixed with a fresh tennis white and pops of pastel. The silhouettes are refined but also relaxed sportswear silhouettes, presented in crisp cotton and plush terrycloth. The brand offers pieces wearable at most when the hardest part of everyday life is done, but the night has not yet begun. The brand is kept youthful by adding vivacity in colours and the use of light but high-end materials. Casablanca is designed in Paris but made in Casablanca, Morocco. 


The French-Moroccan Designer Charaf Tajer did not only found Casablanca - he also co-founded the high streetwear brand Pigalle, co-ran with one of Paris' most famous nightlife spots, Le Pompon, and collaborated with people like Virgil Abloh. Founding Casablanca was something he dreamed of creating, as it is inspired by his beginnings and evolves his journey. Through his experience in the nightlife and high streetwear, he learned a lot about how to create a brand and own a business. A lot of his collection reflects the love story between Casablanca and Paris, but also his parents' love story along with other details from his childhood and personal experiences.



The vacation vibe of this collection is harldy unnoticeable. Even if Tajer uses a lot of black and dark colours, he also adds a lot of bright bold coloured details, such as a pile of oranges on a black sweater. Light silk shirts patterned with moons and a bright red bring the North African vibe to the collection. He also brings some classically tailored suits in a mild brown to the runway, which give you the fall/ winter feeling. The designer uses big and bold pictures of mountains in unconventional ways, like bringing these images on a whole suit. The light materials and bright colours in the whole collection make you feel like you are on vacation.



It can not be missed, that this is a summer collection. Tajer uses bright pink, mixed with a fresh white and light green to bring the summer vibe to everyone who is looking at the pieces. Pastel tones and images of beach terraces, parasols or boats give you the feeling of being in between Morocco and France. The shapes are casual but not boring. Fine tailored shirts and trousers in bold colours, with funny patterns and attention to detail, just make you feel happy while looking at the items of this collection.