C2H4 is the chemical formula for ethylene. A compound substance of carbon - of which all life on earth is made. C2H4 is a brand dedicated to the creation and composition of elements to create new matters.

This concept is transferred from chemistry into fashion - which is why the term C2H4 Laboratory is used. The designers and minds behind C2H4 call themselves chemists who cross and combine different elements from the universe to manifest something new. The concepts and attitude are always future-oriented and visionary, dealing with topics that have not yet happened, exposing variables, theories and facts.


C2H4 was founded in 2014 by the Chinese young designer Yixi Chen.

From the first collaborations, C2H4´s standing in the fashion world was consolidated back in 2015. One of the first collections was a collaboration with West Coast artist Stephen “Hiyaset” Cartolano and the associated campaign “A Fucked Up Collection For a Fucked Up World”. Even in these early days, creative director Yixi Chen was able to adorn herself with greats from the music scene such as Underwater Squad. Shortly afterwards, different projects with various collectives and labels such as Vans, Uzi and I.T. were in the pipeline.

At a Highsnobiety-led project called White On Web (WOW), C2H4 once again made its mark by present-ing its capsule collection “Underwater Love” exclusively for Milan Fashion Week. Ten handpicked brands were part of this collection sold at the Luisaviaroma fashion boutique, along with C2H4, Grind London, Nilmance, The Incorporated, 3. Paradis, Black Rabbit, ZDDZ, GCDS, Ne.Sense and New Future London joining the ranks.

C2H4’s breakthrough came through its collaboration with Kappa for their S/S 18 collection. The runway show attracted a lot of attention for the still young label and it quickly became clear that C2H4 had become a giant while under the radar in recent years. As a result, the brand remained untouched by many fast-moving trends and was able to maintain its futuristic vision. Today, it is precisely this vision that makes C2H4 unique and the concept remains untouchable.


Yixi Chen, born in Shanghai, dealt extensively with fashion in her early twenties. The look on the street changed more and more. And the development or mixture of street and designer fashion became increasingly obvious. But that wasn't enough for the affluent Yixi. She was missing something and so she set out on her own to create something that would satisfy her fashion needs. In this way, the idea and concept behind C2H4 was also defined - chemistry - to create new matter from existing elements.

Young Yixi Chen receives inspiration from everyday life and films. Especially in the 80s and 90s, for example, the cinematic genre of cyberpunk spreads. There, too, have always been new interpretations of fashion and even such banal influences like this result in a futuristic concept we see today.

The fictitious space agency C2H4 Spacetech was also developed especially for the visionary and future-oriented campaigns. There are no limits now. This becomes very clear with the metaphor of the name of the Spring / Summer 18 collection "Zero Gravity". Gravity symbolizes a limiting force that binds us to the surface of the earth, leaving us on the ground. Without gravity, this limitation no longer exists. The possibilities are immense and this is motivation for Yixi to strive higher and higher - free of all restrictions. Finding the balance in everything that she was looking for.

Surroundings and habitat also provide inspiration. An open-minded environment empowers Yixi to ex-press everything through her channel - art.


Fall / Winter19”

This collection is named after a transhumanist, philosopher and futurologist Fereidoun M Esfandiary. He believed that by 2030 humanity would be immortal thanks to technological advances. This collection is focused on grey, blue and black and futuristic tailoring. Bold designs such as suits and boxy jackets are the key to this collection. It almost looks like a retro-futuristic movie.

Fall / Winter 18 “Workwear”

Worker's clothing from the laboratory is reinterpreted here. The collection captivates with good cuts and a rather simple chosen colour theme in grey & cold blue.

Fall / Winter 18 “C2H4 x Number (N)ine”

"Chemical Rock" is the topic of the second line of this season. The rock attitude of Numer (N)ine is combined here with C2H4´s experimental fashion and thus creates a new flow using the same colour schemes as the whole season.

Spring / Summer 18 “Zero Gravity”

In this collection, Yixi Chen take us to the year 2082 aboard a trip to Mars. The astronauts are labora-tory technicians wearing functional and military clothes in order to match the story of an occupied space flight to Mars.

Spring / Summer 18 “C2H4 x Kappa”

Unexpectedly the S/S18 collection splits up - and the Kappa collaboration is revealed. A combination of both styles, combined in a continuous turquoise & white selection of the best silhouettes.

Fall / Winter 17 “Post Apocalypse”

For the winter drop C2H4 leads us into the year 2052, a time after the Third World War. A frightening fiction, an imaginary apocalypse. The collection reflects how the last survivors dress, how they get over the horrors in the midst of the ruins of a perished civilization.

Spring / Summer 17 “Sour Bullet”

Inspired by the cult film "Trainspotting", this season deals with youth, which temptations and hurdles this time holds and what it is like to be trapped in it. The entire campaign for the collection is lined with fear and doubt, drug abuse and destroyed existences. An image of youth, a warning and deterrence.