Astrid Andersen is the meeting point between streetwear look and high fashion execution. The London-based brand is a trailblazer for modern menswear. The look combines elements of different subcultures but mostly from hip hop culture with casual clothing. Classic patterns often get a twist and are mixed with big branding details on bold designs. The fusing of different styles and materials from luxury to sportswear is the essence of Andersen. Breaking the habit of basic trends and staying true to the original concept is fundamental yet her focus is on developing a new style. This sets you apart from the crowd and breaks new ground. The design is no longer headed in the mainstream but defines itself with the development process. Clothing should strengthen each wearer through comfort as well as the considered style.


Although Astrid Andersen is a relatively young brand, it captivates by its great appeal to the market. A-list celebrities have closely followed the brand right from the start. The influence of hip hop culture together with the mix of luxury clothing and a sporty attitude makes Astrid Andersen unique.

In 2017, Astrid Andersen opened their flagship boutique in Andersen’s hometown Copenhagen. The store’s concept was firm and opened on Saturdays only.

The store does not primarily work as a sale space but instead provides insight into the clientele and at the same time is a field study. Direct contact with the customer provides direct feedback which then influences merchandising and sales strategies, which ends up optimising all processes.

Following the launch of their online store in 2017, Astrid Andersen soon became widely known overseas. The American market is new ground for the young European label. Possibilities offered by online sales are nearly limitless and American culture is a great driving force for faster and farther.

Astrid Andersen is now also in Germany and so another chapter begins for the Dane.


Back in 2010, Danish-born designer Astrid Andersen graduated from The Royal College of Art. After graduating, she gained experience at Fashion East, Manshow, Topman and several runways as part of the NewGen sponsorship program.

Because Andersen received strong support from the very beginning, many paths opened and she was able to concentrate on her brand without making any major compromises. Further cooperation with Vogue Italia and Brioni strengthened her knowledge. All this resulted in Andersen being shortlisted for the second time for the LVMH Prize in 2016. Astrid used the given possibility immediately. She didn't want to leave them to regret later. So she asserted her vision and created her first collection, which was immediately bought by many retailers. It was particularly popular in Asia at the beginning and soon became internationally known. Andersen seized the opportunity. She didn't want to leave them only to later have regrets

Andersen seized the opportunity. She didn´t want to leave them only to later have regrets. So she asserted her vision and created her first collection, which was immediately bought by retailers. Her collection was particularly popular in Asia and soon became known worldwide.


Fall / Winter 19

FW 19 was a different Astrid. Wide brim hats and fine tailoring, mixed with the aesthetics the brand stands for. The key to this collection is a fabric that's wisely combined with streetwear's own forms. Moving away from the synthetic at times as well as the models were not wearing Nike shoes but Dr. Martens. This collection showed creative development, a step forward and a declaration of intentions. There's a clear focus on heavy fabrics, bold patterns, and different tailoring. The colors are dark but still versatile and show a clear line through the whole collection.

Spring Summer 19

In contrast to many competitors, Andersen did not rely on the conventional runway concept for Fashion Week. For the presentation of her S/S 19 collection she counted on the presentation via live lookbook shooting. For four hours you could watch the creation. The challenge was successful and well received by the audience. The collection itself feels slightly retro, which is charming. The presentation gives the whole thing a 70s summer vibe.

Andersen unpacks old designs here and gives them a new look with refreshing fabrics and colourways. Everything shines very much and the colours play in a beautiful harmony. In addition to the usual wide cut comfortable pieces, there are also more tailored looks for a fresh breeze.

Fall / Winter 18

Very contemporary inspired by the 80s and rave culture, the F/W 18 runway captivates with dazzling colours and materials on tracksuits, as well as workwear.

The Danish designer admires the lighthearted and openness of this era and transfers this feeling of boundlessness to her clothes. The look of the collection is dominated by large and catchy yet classic patterns, plus bright colours and long cuts combined with the familiar branding.

Spring / Summer 18

A theme promoting many designers to headlines is safari. So too with Andersen. She wanted to use something deeply rooted in fashion history and give it her own touch, which she has achieved.

As you look through the collection, the delicate green and blue tones captivate. In addition to classical patterns as known from Andersen, floral fabrics offer a pleasing variety and underline the theme.

Fall / Winter 17

The basic concept of Astrid Andersen is clearly expressed in this collection. Splendour and baroque elements meet sportswear and streetwear here. The mix of these contrasting directions is dynamic and therefore fun to watch. Gold, black & brown tones are dominating and perfectly underlining the mixture of two different worlds.