Andrea Maack is a well known Icelandic visual artist and fragrance house which was born through a series of art exhibitions. In 2009 Maack founded the company in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. Her perfumes are elegant fragrances that are created as an extension to her other creations and designs. The unisex collection of fragrances have been developed with an artistic approach, using the highest quality raw materials. She uses pen and mixed media drawings to form the base for her artworks, which unites with fashion and plays with the concept of wearable art. Her visual art is the inspiration for her fragrance concept, that she developed in Grasse, France, in close cooperation with a team while she got used to the best raw materials. Her perfumes are contemporary, smart and always surprising. Every scent is elegantly packed in a minimalistic styled box that contains an exclusive drawing. Every 50 ml bottle has a tactile cap of ''HI-MACS natural acrylic stone'' made of high-quality material.


Andrea Maack was born in Iceland in 1977 and graduated from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2005. Her degree in fine arts and her background in fashion brought her to fragrances that were inspired by her art. Maack worked with a lot of renowned perfumers like Julien Rasquinet, Alienor Massenet and Céline Ripert. She lives and works in Reykjavik and has held over a dozen gallery- and museum shows worldwide.



Coven is the mysterious path in a dark world. The fragrance is wild, bold and untamed. A metallic whiff mixed with the smell of a wet walk through the woods. Coven is the incarnation of a dark forest walk. The fragrance is composed of clove, cedar, oakmoss, vanilla, and galbanum.


Birch begins with a whiff of bergamot. The spicy notes calm down and bring sensuality and softness. With this fragrance, it's all about the rich, soft, wood notes like guaiac accompanied by a whiff of pink pepper which gives the scent its kick. The fragrance is composed of bergamot, ginger, guaiac wood, patchouli, and musk.


Craft was originally designed for an exhibition. Just like that, the fragrance's character is illusional, dynamic and exciting. A scent for those who stand out. Its cold, metallic opening is recessed by the addition of cedar and a patchouli base that gives a warmer deepness to the scent. The fragrance is composed of aldehyde, elemi, cold metal, ice, cedar, patchouli, black pepper, and white pepper.


Dual is a unisex and sporty fragrance inspired by calm water and the natural, hot sources of the Icelandic highlands. This scent imitates the feeling of freshwater on your skin and the intense colors around the hot lagoons. The powerful, uplifting flavors of ginger, citron and pink pepper coexist with the wood elements from dried amber and cedar which leads to a fragrant experience. The scent is composed of ginger, citron, pink pepper, dried amber, and cedar.