The brand 11bybbs is aiming to build a full wardrobe covering life needs in menswear for any occasion. All garments bridge the gap between the high-street style and the esoteric and edgy aesthetic made famous by the mainline. The silhouettes are made by a challenging pattern work and developed on a very personal level. Graphical applications, and techniques, thorough research in fabrics and treatments are visible in every piece. By paying accurate attention to every detail in every season, 11bybbs want to reach their own highest standards. The label is active, street-savvy and fashionable, and draws the influence from urban culture and the military aesthetic.


In 2007 Saberi launched his eponymous label, settling his first headquarter in the frame of Monistrol de Montserrat in the northeast of Spain. Later on he transferred to Barcelona, which stands for the geographical exemplifications of secular spirituality. Saberi began participating the official Paris Fashion Week calendar where he still regularly presents his collections. The label received a lot of distinctive attention for functional qualities, whilst maintaining a strong connection to his urban roots. Boris Saberi matures a peculiar clothing language through the celebration of his heritage between European and Middle-Eastern cultures. His fashion consists of fusing raw materials and accurate tailoring together. Since 2014, the designer is an official member of the Chambre masculine of the Federation Française de la Couture.


Boris Bidjan Saberi – born on the 11th September 1978 – is of German and Persian descents. This duality in his origins always played a striking role in his work, constantly contrasted yet united by Western and Middle Eastern traditions and shapes – the latter strongly influenced by his passion for numerology. The number 11 is the symbolic trademark of his brand and the name of his additional line.