U.P.W.W. is the acronym for Utility Pro Work Wear.

The New York. label is a subsidiary of the workwear company giant Utility Pro, known in NYC and internationally for its uniforms with high-visibility aspects, which are used by construction workers, canal workers and road maintenance companies all over the world.

U.P.W.W. takes the classic, functionally oriented clothing and takes it a lot further, placeing it in a new context, the brand does so by adding contemporary cuts, prints and splashes inspired by the work on the streets to the world known staples of Unity Pro´s work & safety clothing.

The high durability and long-lasting quality of Utility Pro´s clothing combines with the zeitgeist of current fashion, so the bright colours and reflective panels contribute a great addition to the current look of modern streetwear.



  1. U.P.W.W.

    5 Pocket Pants
    Special Price €62.70 €209.00
  2. U.P.W.W.

    Track Jacket with Insert
    Special Price €35.80 €179.00