Maharishi is an urban, elevated streetwear label from the United Kingdom which was founded in 1994 by Hardy Blechman. Maharishi stands in Sanskrit for "great seer" - on the street Maharishi stands for a uniform in everyday life, based on many Far Eastern influences, which unite on camouflage patterns of the whole world. Maharishi makes functional, utilitarian clothing for the urban jungle. With his militant look, Hardy Blechman was a pioneer in 1994 for a look that is now taken for granted. He was the founder of all these fashion trends, basically the forefather of camouflage or as it is called for him "DPM" - Disruptive Pattern Material.



  1. Maharishi

    Tonal Tiger Hooded Sweat
    Special Price €349.30 €499.00
  2. Maharishi

    Hill Loose Trackshorts
    Special Price €122.50 €175.00
  3. Maharishi

    Story Cloth Mil Shirt
    Special Price €263.40 €439.00
  4. Maharishi

    Tiger Invasion Snoshorts
    Special Price €103.60 €259.00