Cottweiler is a British men's fashion brand with a conceptual approach to design and implementation of premium ready-to-wear clothing. The name Cottweiler consists of Designers Ben Cottrell´s surname und Matthew Dainty´s mothers maiden name.

With its composition, the label offers a harmonious mix of the environments of designers Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty, sportswear, fetish and casual clothing. The implementation aims at fabrics and cut, fitting is a top priority. in return, the brand dispenses with large brandings.



  1. Cottweiler

    Caddie Track Top
    Special Price €118.50 €395.00
  2. Cottweiler

    Caddie Trackpants
    Special Price €103.50 €345.00
  3. Cottweiler

    Golf Sweatshirt
    Special Price €41.70 €139.00
  4. Cottweiler

    Motor Combat Trousers
    Special Price €122.70 €409.00
  5. Cottweiler

    Signature 4.0 Tracktop
    Special Price €73.80 €369.00
  6. Cottweiler

    Monogram Trackpants
    Special Price €69.80 €349.00
  7. Cottweiler

    Monogram Tracktop
    Special Price €89.80 €449.00
  8. Cottweiler

    Monogram Tracktop
    Special Price €89.80 €449.00